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It is up to you.  In the event of a natural or manmade emergency, you and your family can feel helpless and afraid or you can be prepared and ready.  The basic steps in getting prepared are: Know the Risks; Make a Plan; Get Prepared and Informed.  Preparation includes building a family emergency kit that contains, among other things, food, water, medicine, first aid supplies, battery powered communications equipment (radio), and batteries.  Preparation also includes a family communications plan so your family can stay in touch during an emergency.


To learn more about emergency preparedness and how to respond to different types of emergencies, go to the following links and start your preparedness plan.





The mission of the Caroline County Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness Program is (1.)  To provide an organized and responsive intervention to natural and manmade emergencies that should occur in our county and, (2.)  To serve as a community resource for education, training and information about potentially weaponized bioterrorism agents such as smallpox, anthrax, botulism, plague, and tularemia.


Any response will be a coordinated effort of all Caroline County agencies such as the Emergency Management Office, the Department of Public Works, Police, Fire, and Rescue departments, and the Choptank Community Health Centers.



If you should have any questions about Emergency Preparedness, please call the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at 410-479-8008.






Terrorism Preparedness Brochures

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Guide To Terrorism Preparedness For Caroline County Citizens 789KB

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Planning And Preparing Information 95KB

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Descargue nuestro folleto de La Preparación en Contra el Terrorismo en Español GRATIS











Even though we do not know when Pandemic Influenza will arrive in the United States, pandemics in the past have taught us that we should be prepared.  Knowing what Pandemic Influenza is and what you can do to prepare for it may make the impact on you and your family less severe.  Please follow the link below to find a copy of a preparedness checklist developed by the Center for Disease Control that will help you gather the information and resources that you may need in case of an influenza pandemic.




This link provides "HOW TO" handouts and guides with information concerning the protection of you and your family in case of an influenza pandemic.





Bird Flu & You: A Quick Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Bird (Pandemic) Flu

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