The Bay Restoration Fund


The Bay Restoration Fund was created to provide financing for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts. 


A portion of the funds was designated to provide homeowners with grant financing for septic system upgrades.  An upgrade is the addition of Best Available Technology or "BAT", for nitrogen removal.  Interested property or business owners should complete the initial application and forward it to this office.  Bay Restoration Funds can also be used to pay for the cost associated with connecting a dwelling or business to a public sewer system including abandonment of the existing septic system.  


Grant Information for the current Fiscal Year is available from : July 1st - June 31st annually.

Due to the increased number of higher priority Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) grant applications, and the decrease in grant funds for Caroline County compared to prior years, a limited number of new construction projects may be considered.

If you have any questions, please call us at 410-479-8045.