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Birth & Death Certificates

Certificates are only available from 9:00AM to 3:00PM


Notary Service is also available


Contact: Doreen Schuman, Notary

Main Number: (410)-479-8030

Location: Step 1: First Floor, Clinic Area &  Step 2: Second Floor, Rm. 218 (Admin)


The Health Department is able to provide certified copies of Birth Certificates for persons born after 1939 &

Death Certificates for people who died after January 2015. **

Birth Certificates may be issued to the person, parents, or guardians.

Birth Certificates

   Procedure for obtaining a copy of a Birth Certificate:

     1) Appear in person at the Health Department.

     2) Be the person referred to in the Birth Certificate,


           Be the parent or legal guardian of the person referred to in the Birth Certificate.

     3) Have a birth date after 1939*  

     4) Present photo identification (or see Acceptable Alternate Identification).

     5) Complete the Application.

     6) Pay $25.00 fee.   (Cash, Debit, or Credit only)


      *For Births occurring before 1939, Please call 410-479-8030 press 6 for more details

  Death Certificates

   Procedure for obtaining a copy of a Death Certificate:

     1) A person with a direct and tangible interest must appear "in person" at the Health Department.

     2) Complete the Application 

     3) Pay $22.00 fee for the first copy and each additional copy is $24.00.


     4) Present photo identification (or see Acceptable Alternate Identification).


     **For Deaths Before January 1st 2015, Please contact:

  Department of Health, Division of Vital Records

  Reisterstown Plaza, 6764-B Reisterstown Road

  Baltimore, MD 21215

  Ph800-832-3277; 410-764-3089

  Fax: 410-764-0738; 410-764-9336​




> A Government Issued ID Card, containing a picture of the person who will be signing the document, must be presented at the time of notarization.

> The document submitted for notarization needs to be in English or have a certified translation attached.

> If the document involves the swearing of an Oath, the person submitting the document must be at least 18 years old.


Fee: The fee is waived (there is no cost) as a courtesy and public service, of the Notary, to the people of Caroline County.

Acceptable Alternate Identification

Applicants who are unable to supply valid photo identification must present two (2) pieces of alternative documentation.


The two pieces of alternative documentation must be different types, i.e., a pay stub and a telephone bill – not two pay stubs or two telephone bills.


At least one of these documents must contain the applicant’s current mailing address.


Applicants who cannot provide valid photo identification will not be able to receive the birth certificate the same day.


Their certificates must be mailed to the address displayed on the document(s) provided for identification.


Acceptable Documents:

  • Social Security card

  • Current car registration

  • Letter from a governmental agency

  • Utility bill with current address

  • Copy of income tax return/W-2 form

  • Pay stub

  • Bank statement

  • Lease/rental agreement

Notary Service

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