Caroline County Behavioral Health Has Moved!

We are excited to announce that Caroline County Behavioral Health, a division of the Caroline County Health Department, has moved to a new location! The new office is located at 18 Denton Plaza, Denton, Maryland 21629 (between Verizon and PetCo).

“We are excited about this move,” said Behavioral Health Director Jessica Tuel. “There is so much need for access to high-quality, affordable behavioral health treatment,” Tuel shared. “We couldn’t grow to help meet that need in our small suite of offices at the main Health Department Building. However, at our new location, we have more offices for individual counseling, better group therapy spaces, and more room to accommodate our telehealth and medication assisted treatment services.”

Tuel also noted the convenient location in the busy shopping center, which is also close to the Denton Walmart, as a benefit of the new location.

The space most recently served as the Health Department’s COVID-19 vaccine and testing center but has undergone a substantial renovation to transform it from one large open space to a space suitable for supportive behavioral health treatment.

If you have questions regarding the move, please call Caroline County Behavioral Health at (410) 479-1882.