Know the Risks; Make a Plan; Get Prepared and Be Informed.

About the Program

The Caroline County Health Department's Emergency Preparedness Division is made possible through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreement. This program works to advance six main areas of preparedness so our local health systems are better prepared for emergencies that impact the public's health:

  • Community Resilience

    • Preparing for and recovering from emergencies

  • Incident Management

    • Coordinating an effective response

  • Information Management

    • Making sure people have information to take action

  • Countermeasures & Mitigation

    • Getting medicine and supplies where they are needed

  • Surge Management

    • Expanding medical services to handle large or complex incidents

  • Biosurveillance

    • Investigating and identifying health threats


                                            Pandemic Influenza



                                                 Avian (Bird) Flu 



                                           Disaster Assistance  





       The Basic Steps

I. Know the Risks: Be Informed

     > When it comes to surviving an unforeseen event, information is vital. Click here for vital information.

II. Get Prepared: 

     > Build a family Emergency Kit containing items that you and any pets may need during an emergency evacuation.

III.  Draft your Plans:  Preparedness Plan   &   Family Communications Plan

Other Emergency Preparedness Web Sites:
Caroline County Department of Emergency Services 

Maryland Department of Health

MD Office of Preparedness & Response

Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

American Red Cross

Apps for your Smartphone

Maryland Prepares App (Android & iPhone)

American Red Cross FREE Mobile Apps (Android & iPhone)



Public Health Emergency Planner (PHEP)

Jeff Ludwig, MDPEMP

Emergency Preparedness Division

Location: Second Floor, Rm. 220

Hours: By Appointment Only

Contact: Ph. 410-479-8006  Fax: 410-479-8001