Know the Risks; Make a Plan; Get Prepared and Be Informed.

Are You Prepared?

It is up to you.  In the event of a natural or manmade emergency, you and your family can feel helpless and afraid or you can be prepared and ready.


      The Basic Steps

I. Know the Risks: Be Informed

     > When it comes to surviving an unforeseen event, information is vital. Click here for vital information.

II. Get Prepared: 

     > Build a family Emergency Kit containing items that you and any pets may need during an emergency evacuation.

III.  Draft your Plans:  Preparedness Plan   &   Family Communications Plan



      Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The following information is offered to the people of Caroline County as a part of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program:

                                          Pandemic Influenza



                                                 Avian (Bird) Flu 



                                           Disaster Assistance  


Are you or do you know someone who is not in a nursing care facility or assisted living facility who may require additional assistance during a disaster?

If so, print out this Special Needs Registry Application and mail it to the Caroline County Department of Emergency ServicesThe return address is listed in the brochure.  

Other Emergency Preparedness Web Sites:
Caroline County Department of Emergency Services 

Maryland Department of Health

MD Office of Preparedness & Response

Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

American Red Cross

Apps for your Smartphone

Maryland Prepares App (Android & iPhone)

American Red Cross FREE Mobile Apps (Android & iPhone)



Director: Jeff Ludwig, MDPEMP

Location: Second Floor, Rm. 220

Hours: By Appointment Only

Contact: Ph. 410-479-8006  Fax: 410-479-8001