It takes a Village, a County, and a State to run a Health Department.


Here are some of the Grants & Awards that we've received to help fund different programs and projects to improve our services and the overall health and quality of life of Caroline County residents. Thank you!

Care First - $100,000 Grant to improve access to for clients and County Residents to Telemedicine in the Behavioral Health Clinic and other services.  (For 2017-2018)

Rural Maryland Council (RMC) - Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund - $30,000 Grant To reduce opioid use disorder and overdose deaths in Maryland's Eastern Shore counties by supporting an outreach program to educate healthcare providers, EMS staff, and laypeople on the risks of opioids, prevention and treatment options, and Narcan training.

Grant Recipients  Project Summary   (For 2017-2018)   

Mid-Shore Community Foundation - $350 Grant to to Increase awareness of the program & services offered within the Adult Medical Day Care Center through the use of promotional materials.  (For 2017-2018)

Caroline Medical Daycare Foundation, Inc.  ($88,500)

- $80000 Grant to the CCHD: Behavioral Health Program 

- $8500 Grant (Silver Lining Program) Adult Medical Day Care Program to assist at least 6 recipients for 12 months of co-pay fees who are financially burdened living near the poverty level and to assist individuals who are not eligible to receive Office of Health Service grants. 

** Sponsored the Blue Dress Run at North Caroline High School (Raised $2000)  (For 2017-2018)

Alzheimer's Foundation of America - $5000 Grant to improve the quality of life and provide optimal care and services to individuals living with dementia, and to their caregivers and families. Funds will be used to assist 5 eligible clients in attending our program.  (For 2017-2018)