Medical Assistance Transportation Program

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Director: Debora Cash

Location: Second Floor, Administration

Phone: 410-479-8014   Fax: 410-479-8017

This Medicaid sponsored program provides, last resort transportation to medical appointments for persons receiving Medical Assistance.

Pre-Approval is required.​

This program is for non-emergency medical transportation to qualified medical appointments only.


We cannot transport to appointments such as:  Chiropractors, AA/NA, Weight Watchers, WIC, Social Services, Smoking Cessation, Acupuncture etc....





                                         > Have a Medical Assistance Card

                                  > Be a resident of Caroline County, Md.

                                  > Your appointment must be medically necessary

                                     and covered by Medical Assistance

                                  > Complete a screening process to determine eligibility 

Scheduling Transportation

Call our office at 410-479-8014, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm.
A Monday Appointment needs to be scheduled by 4:30pm by the previous Thurday.
Please have the following information:
· Medical Assistance Number (11 digits)
· Name, address and phone number of Provider **
You must call at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for transportation. 

Transportation to Baltimore and surrounding locations requires the appointment be Monday - Wednesday and the appointment be ended by 1:00pm.  Please note Medical Assistant transportation does not transport to Baltimore or surrounding locations Thursday or Fridays.

** Transportation will only be provided to the eligible person for whom the appointment is made.  If the appointment is for a child, his/her parent or legal guardian must accompany them.  

If you need an assistant to accompany you for certain health reasons please call  (410) 479-8014 for approval. 

Cancellations & Closures



Cancellations should be reported to our office no later than 2 hours before the appointment.

Closures are very rare. 

In the event of any type of closure, we will contact all scheduled transports affected by the event.

We will make every effort to transport vital service patients, if allowable, and only if we can do so

in a safe, timely, and responsible manner.






 Be ready and on time for your scheduled pick-up time.
 Do not smoke, drink or eat in the vehicle.
 Be courteous. Rudeness or use of profanity may disqualify you from the transportation service.



             Please contact M.A. Transportation at (410) 479-8014            


Customer Satisfaction Survey 

(For MA Transportation Services)

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The Medical Assistance Transportation Eligibility rules are defined by Maryland law (Title of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)).

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