Property Status Report


Subdivision lots or individual parcels of land which have been previously “perced” and approved are not guaranteed they will qualify for a Sanitary Construction Permit.  In order to receive up to date information regarding sewage disposal and water supply on a particular property, you may apply for a Property Status Report.   


Many times the Property Status Report is used by the owner or the owner’s agent when marketing the property for the purpose of sale or building development.   This office recommends you investigate thoroughly before you invest. 


We recommend you contact the County Planning and Codes office for their permit requirements.


When an application for a Sanitary Construction Permit is submitted to the Health Department, the property will be evaluated pursuant to the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 26.04.02, the Caroline County Groundwater Protection Report, and all other pertinent laws, regulations and ordinances in effect at the time of application.

Common Misconceptions

  • A “perc” test has expired.  False - “perc” tests do not expire. Older lots may require additional soils and site evaluation to determine if a Sanitary Construction Permit may be issued.

  • Once a “perc” is approved and platted, it is good forever. False - Site conditions may have changed which could nullify prior approvals.  

  • A current Property Status Report is required prior to submitting an Application for a Sanitary Construction Permit. False - It is not a requirement,  but may be desired if a Property Status Report  was never done.  An up-to-date Property Status Report would be helpful if planning to build. For instance, the Property Status Report indicates the number of bedrooms the sewage disposal area is capable of handling.