Record Searches


Certain Perc, Septic, Well and other records maintained by this department may be considered public records. 


These records may be accessed by the public after review by the custodian of the records. 

These records can be obtained by filling out an application labeled: Records search request.

Copying fees will be assessed.  Other fees may be required if the search requires staff time in excess of established parameters.

Email requests are free and is the preferred choice to receive your request.


Email Protocol

Note: emails with attachments will not be processed.


Send your email request to:


Subject Line:  RS: "address of property" 


Message (body of email):  Specify more information in the message section of the email.  

For example: “Need well/ septic records for Map 1, Block/Grid 1, Parcel 2 for property located at

12345 My Street, Denton, MD."​




What is the Maryland Public Information Act?

Md Public Info. Request for Record Search Form