Septic Permit - Individual On-Site Sewage Systems


Listed below are the general steps in the septic permit process.


  1. Download & complete the "Request for Sanitary Construction Permit Specification."

  2. Apply for a septic permit (site plan, floor plan, completed application and current fee).

  3. Specifications (signature sheet) are sent to owner.

  4. Owner returns the signed specifications (and all accompanying pages) to Health Department.

  5. Health Department issues the septic permit to the licensed sewage contractor.

  6. Sewage contractor schedules necessary inspection(s) with Health Department.

  7. Health Department issues a Completion Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the septic system.


Before the septic permit can be processed, a current perc approval is required for the property.  When applying for the septic permit, a scaled site plan and floor plan must accompany the Application with the fee.  

NOTE: Septic permits for sand mound systems will require the sand mound to be designed by an engineer or private consultant, and be submitted as part of the septic application. 


Once the septic permit application is received a signature sheet and accompanying pages will be sent to the owner. This signature sheet will require the owner's signature and a licensed sewage contractor's signature. 

Once the signed sheet (specs) and accompanying pages are returned to the Health Department, the permit will be issued to the sewage contractor and an ID# released to the Planning and Codes office so they can process the building permit. 


Please allow 30 days processing time.