Tobacco Cessation Program

  Benefits of Quitting  (Wow! look at this chart!)

- In just the first 24 hours of quitting your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal and your        

   lungs will start to clear mucus and debris so in time it will be easier to breathe.

- Your chance of developing heart disease, cancer, and stroke will decrease.

- Your skin will look healthier and you’ll appear younger.

- Your sense of taste and smell will improve, making food taste better.

- You will have more money to spend. 

- You will not have to worry about when and where you can smoke next.

- You will have more time and energy to spend with friends and family.

- You will protect others from the dangers of second-hand smoke.​

We Can Help You Kick The Habit!

Wellness Promotions offers Fax to Assist Referrals to Maryland Quitline call 410-479-8080 to get started today!

For additional information on cessation: 


Commit to Quit Resource Guide page 1 for more information call 4104798080
Commit to Quit Resource Guide Page 2 for more information call 4104798080