Water Sewer Verifications (Building Permits)

An application for a water supply and/or sewer verification is required** any time a property has an existing well (including farm and test wells) and/or septic system(s).


Application: Water/Sewer Verification

Please contact Planning & Codes concerning their requirements Ph: 410-479-8100

Examples of projects:

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit:   _____ #units and & _____ bedrooms per/unit

  • Accessory Structures (sheds, garages, residential pole buildings, etc.)

  • Commercial Alteration

  • Commercial Addition

  • Commercial – Misc.

  • Deck/Patio/Porch: ____ Open  ____ Enclosed

  • Demolition

  • Driveway

  • Farm Structure

  • Home Occupation Use

  • Lot Line Revision (not required when consolidating lots/parcels**)

  • Pool: ____ In-Ground (25' to SRA)  ____ Above Ground (15' to SRA)

  • Residential Addition

  • Residential Alteration

  • Residential – Misc.

  • Sidewalks or Fencing

  • Single Family Dwelling

  • Solar Panels (Ground Mounted)

  • Special Use/Change of Use

  • SRA Revision

  • Subdivision Review (existing structures or SRA)

  • Temporary Structure

  • OTHER, (Such as Communications Tower, Sign, etc.)


Your application must include:

  • Signature by original owners (ONLY original owner signatures will be accepted)

  • Current Fee

  • Scaled site plan that shows proposed improvement, existing well/septic, driveway, home(s), sheds, pools etc. and property lines (existing and proposed)

  • Floor plan of existing home and proposed addition or proposed replacement home, or proposed accessory dwelling.   

Please allow 30 days processing time.

**A Water and Sewer Verification is not required in situations where an applicant consolidates improved or unimproved parcels or lots.  However, the plat may be required to show improvements and existing wells and septic systems.

Verify before you build ~ Get a Building Permit