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Developmental Disabilities Program

Our mission is to provide a high quality, intensive and individualized program of assessment, support, and monitoring for eligible individuals with a developmental disability. Our compassionate staff are trained to help each individual develop a strength-based Person-Centered Plan that ensures they receive the support they need to thrive in their place of choice and live a happy and healthy life in the community. 

We provide Targeted Case Management services to individuals with a developmental disability. As part of that scope of work, we provide intake services (Comprehensive Assessments) to assess their eligibility for Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) services and administer the Transitioning Youth program to assist individuals under 18 and their families plan for the transition into the adult world.

How to Apply for Services & Eligibility

All applications for services must go through the Eastern Shore Regional Office of the Developmental Disabilities Administration. The Caroline County Health Department does not determine service eligibility. 

Contact the Eastern Shore Regional Office:

Telephone: (410) 572-5920
Fax: (410) 572-5988
Toll Free: (888) 219-0478
TDD: (800) 735-2258
Address: DDA – Eastern Shore Regional Office, 926 Snow Hill Road, Building 100 Salisbury, MD 21804

The Eastern Shore Regional Office will provide information on what documentation you will need to provide as part of the assessment of eligibility. 

Eligibility Requirements:

An individual must have a severe chronic disability that:

  • Is attributed to a mental and/or physical impairment, other than the sole diagnosis of mental illness, or to a combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • Is manifested before the age of 22;
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • Results in the inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance;
  • Reflects the need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary or generic care, treatment or other services which are of lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated; and
  • Results in substantial functional limitations in at least 3 areas of major life activities:
    • Self-Care
    • Receptive & Expressive Language
    • Learning
    • Mobility
    • Self-Direction
    • Capacity For Independent Living
Our Services

Individuals must have been determined eligible for services by the Developmental Disabilities Administration to receive services from our Program.

Our Coordinators of Community Services (CCS) assists individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families in learning and gaining access to resources in their community, planning for their future, and accessing needed services and supports. 

We meet personally with each individual served regularly in order to ensure we are effectively meeting the individual’s needs and preferences. We are responsible for: 

  • Ensuring that each individual receives a Person-Centered Plan that is designed to meet the individual’s needs, preferences, desires, goals, and outcomes in the most integrated setting appropriate to meet the individual’s needs and in the most cost effective manner;
  • Documenting that the Plan is being implemented as designed;
  • Assisting the individual in applying for services; and
  • Providing education to individuals and their families concerning:
  • The range of most integrated setting service and support options that may be appropriate to meet the individual’s needs;
  • How to access services, and
  • How to coordinate and advocate for services.

We also meet in person with individuals on our waiting list at a frequency determined by their category level. 

Transitioning Youth

Our Program assists individuals graduating from high school and their families in planning for the transition to the adult world through the Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative (GTYI). For those with existing determination of eligibility from DDA, we will help the individual in accessing: GTYI funding, provide individualized planning and information about employment, benefits, advocacy, college, health insurance, housing, futures and estates planning, recreation, transportation, and more, based on their unique needs.

If the Transitioning Youth has not yet been determined eligible by DDA, they must first apply for eligibility through the Eastern Shore Regional Office of the Developmental Disabilities Administration. See the “How to Apply for Services” section of this page. 

Low Intensity Support Services (LISS) Program

The Low Intensity Support Services Program serves children living at home with their family and adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities living in their own home in the community who are not receiving any support services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration. These services are for individuals who may be on the waitlist for DDA services or who have not qualified for DDA services, but who have a disability. 

The LISS Program’s Random Selection Application is now electronic and must be completed online. You can also contact Maryland Community Connection at (301) 583-8880 for more information. 

Contact Information

Caroline County Health Department Developmental Disabilities Program

Telephone: (410) 479-8075

Toll Free: (855) 236-3079

Fax: (410) 479-5383



DDA Provider Directory

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) has an online provider directory which makes it easy for people to find providers in their area based on county, waiver type, service and/or through a keyword search.

My Family Needs Local Resource Database

My Family Needs

For resources that can help your family, visit My Family Needs, a service of the Caroline County Public Library.

My Family Needs seeks to link the families of Caroline County with the information and services they need to help their families thrive.

Organizations listed in My Family Needs are either based in Caroline County, or serve the citizens of Caroline County, and meet one of the definitions listed here. Examples of types of organizations included in the database are:

  • Health and Human Service Agencies
  • Educational Agencies
  • Social and Fraternal
  • Organizations
  • Hobby Clubs
  • Non-profit Agencies and
  • Community Action Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Businesses that offer public services, such as fax machines, notaries, and meeting rooms.

Camp Fairlee

Located in Chestertown, Camp Fairlee provides a safe and accessible camp experience where campers are challenged to discover their full potential, acquire new skills, and make new and lasting friendships while under the guidance of trained and qualified staff. While campers enjoy their time at Camp Fairlee, their families are able to take a much needed break from caregiving.